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Using VB5cce as a partial compiler
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Using VB5cce as a partial compiler

For simpler applications, the Alum6 T4 has also been designed to work with the VB5cce OCX control compiler which used to be available for free as below. For this, T4 requires the VB5cce TransCompiler plug in. As this does not create an executable, you need a "stub" to host and run it, typically a VBS or an HTA. The generation of a sample VBS stub is automated by T4.

In our tests, the VB5CCE Control Creator Edition can be easily and extremely quickly installed on systems up to and including Windows 10 64 bit. This used to be available for free as follows...

  • In a press release Posted December 11, 1996, Microsoft said "The beta version, released Oct. 28 at the Microsoft Site Builder Conference, is now in use by more than 100,000 developers and ISVs worldwide. It can be downloaded free of charge from the Microsoft Web site at " -- *1 .. As this link is now broken, if you intend to use this Transco plug-in, please be careful to ensure you have obtained a legitimate VB5cce download and observed the licensing agreement in doing so.

This VB5cce control compiler can be used to create considerably complex applications and is a highly stable and extremely fast compiler that comes highly recommended for simpler applications that do not require the database extras and other refinements loaded into VB6. The differences between VB5 and VB6 were comparatively minor. Some of the more popular VB6 syntax additions such as Replace() and InstrRev() are implemented by fast macros within T4. The differences are therefore so small that many simpler VB6 applications will compile with the help of T4 with little or no modification.

VB5cce features:

  • Can be made to run complex multi-form applications with considerable data-processing power.

  • Can access many modern OCXs such as Text to Speech. Again, please be sure to observe licence agreements.

  • Can access most VB6 OCXs (but you must have a license to distribute).

  • Can access APIs for most high-end requirements such as camera access and multimedia control .

  • Can allow / produce modern visual theme effects.


  • You need a "stub" to host and run the resulting OCX. T4 automates the generation of a simple VBS stub. Any development environment or product that can be coded to include a compatible ActiveX plug-in layer can be used accordingly. For example, our tests show that a simple VB6 executable stub can host the VB5 OCX. It should be possible for the currently free (2016) Microsoft Visual Studio Community edition to generate such a host application, although this has not been as yet proven.

  • The original help that comes with VB5cce is generally not usable in Windows 10 (because Windows 10 no longer shut with the earlier help viewer), but T4 comes with its own help negating the need for this.

  • You will need to configure your Windows 10 system to give the VB5 CCE executable full administrative permissions. Details will be included with your VB5cce TransCompiler plug in.

  • VB5cce does not include a Winsock OCX for network access without using the API.

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