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TransCompile language Roadmap

TransCompiler plug-ins for TransCompile languages and cross-platform widgets for support by Alum6 T4 are listed as follows (in approximate order of priority for release):

  • VBS WSH (VBScript Windows Scripting Hosting environment)

  • Compiles your VBS script of so desired.

  • VB6 -- you must have legally obtained a licensed version of VB6 (and have in installed on the same machine). This TransCompiler comes free as standard with T4.

  • VB5cce TransCompiler plug-in: For VB5 CCE use, you must have legally obtained or downloaded the Free VB5cce (or own a VB5 licence) that Microsoft made available in 1996. For more details, see ''Using VB5cce as a partial compiler''!

  • One of the most legitimate sources is the VB5 CCE book with VB5cce attached on a CD, which is available secondhand on the Internet at low cost (typically $15).

  • If you find a copy on the Internet, ensure that the EULA has been observed and that the original downloader is no longer using it and has transferred the obligations in the EU outlay to yourself.

  • wxBasic -- a lightweight crossplatform language that runs on 32 and 64 bit wxWidgets.

  • Microchip PIC 8 bit MPU's

  • Via the PIC GWBasic compiler

  • Python & TKinter Widgets

  • Can be recompiled to C++ via Cython for 32 or 64 bit use if so desired

  • HTA (HTML Applications -- GUI applications with HTML Widgets supported by Microsoft)

  • For widgets, it uses HTML controls.

  • C & GTK

  • Ansi C or ISO C has a lot in common with the VB* syntax structure, so this is an obvious target. C has very poor string handling however and will have to be written at low level from scratch. Unicode will probably be ignored in the first release.

  • Gambas for Linux

  • the earlier version was very similar to VB6 at to sit at a later version is more akin to VB.Net -- awaiting feasibility study.

  • FreeBasic

  • an excellent variation of the Dartmouth Basic syntax and highly evolved but lacking strength in widgets.

  • JavaScript

  • mainly for use in browsers, this takes a small subset of T4 basic syntax and converts without widgets.

  • Web App (uses an HTML5 Web Page as your GUI with processing on a server).

  • May use "MONKEY X - FREE" pending feasibility.

  • DarkBasic 3D

  • This is a basic syntax compiler available from The Game Creators (TGC). Their compiler is currently in flux having been made open source.

  • C++ (note that this can be achieved via Python if recompiled with Cython)

  • C#

  • Xamarin (Mono) Common Language Infrastructure (CLI)

  • Lazarus FreePascal plus FreeBasic and GTK or QT Widgets (TBA)

  • Java

  • more probably supported by driving through B4X (which you must obtain)

  • QB64

  • 8086 Compatible Assembly (machine language) with Windows API Widgets (possibly using QB64).

We are not responsible for Errors and Ommissions (as expanded in footer), but in particular regarding your rights and obligations to obtain licences for the above compilers. QSL does therefore not certify or guarantee the availability or usability of the plug-ins above for the compilers as stated. In the event that you are not able to use a Transco plug-in as anticipated, our sole liability is strictly limited to refund of any sums paid for the associated plug-in if such a request is made within 3 years of purchase.

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