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DRAFT 2017/01/11 -- These products are not yet available..

Contact us to see if you qualify for a discount or a free version, based on education use, usage for Open Source projects, etc.

Alum6 T4 IDE, Plugin and Extras User License costs..

Crowd Funding prices in blue, RRP recommended retail prices in black..

  • $0 $0 -- Alum6 T4 IDE "Lite" -- License for T4 designed for use with VBScript.

  • $10 $20 -- Alum6 T4 IDE "VBS" -- License for T4 designed for use with VBScript with Binding Compiler (required Dot Net framework as installed standard on most modern MS OSs).

  • $15 $25 -- Private Copy* License for Alum6 T4 IDE Pro, (restricted by license definition -- neither for commercial nor office use)

  • $50 $90 -- Standard License for Alum6 T4 IDE Pro, includes 1 year free updates (the licence itself has no time limit).

  • $n/a $220 -- Standard License for Alum6 T4 IDE Pro, includes 5 year free updates.

  • TBA $30 to $90 -- TransCompiler plugins (each) when available. All available at 10% of RRP as a Private Copy* (restricted by license definition -- not for commercial use).

  • $300 $1614 -- Source Code (excepting GPL / LGPL components, proprietary code, and any code not originating with QSL, QSL's Source Code is proprietary and released on a private Copyright basis only .. neither for resale, duplication, nor distribution), includes 1 year free updates. Thereafter 50% of same costs for future annual updates. This product is intended for corporate users. Please note, this does not include source code from third-party components. Please also note the GPL / LGPL guarantee stated in ''VB64(Alum6 T4 IDE)''.

  • $6250 $RRP/2 -- a reseller pack of 250 licences (half price) for resale at the RRP or as you see fit. (Each licence includes 18 month free updates and the licence itself has no time limit).

All software versions above are designed for use with Microsoft Windows operating systems (roadmap includes cross platform options).

If you have obtained Indiegogo Equity vouchers, these will of course be free or much reduced.

*Private Copy: As seen, we charge a very small handling fee for personal use of the T4 IDE or the TransCompiler plug-ins.

  • Why is there no free trial time? Firstly, don't forget the sale of goods act ensures that you get your money back if you feel genuinely aggrieved. However, our reason for asking for payment is because we feel consultants and others will try it and then go back to using the VB6 IDE secure in the knowledge that T4 is always here when they need it. Unfortunately, this would be unsustainable if many are interested without actually paying. In effect, we are asking you to please pay for the security and benefit (that knowing it is here to turn to later) brings. We hope you can understand and help this venture succeed for everyone's sake.

Please note: MS VB6 is not included. Please obtain that licence (either the full suite or just the compiler and ActiveX development licences) separately from Microsoft or other vendors.

QSL, established 1992, is the copyright holder, publisher and vendor for all the above except MS VB6 to which QSL makes no claim whatsoever. Please see details and disclaimers in footer and in the ''Commercial'' section.

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