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Lazarus Transcompiler Example
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with permission from BadAssTechnologies Deviant Art

Lazarus Transcompiler Example

What is a TransCompiler?

A TransCompiler is a compiler that first converts your code to another language before it is fully compiled to machine language. It therefore allows you to choose a preferred second language that better suits the target platform, without having to learn that language.

Because the widget set (the GUI functionality objects) is usually separate, a trans-compiler needs to separate out the code and recombine by linking. As an example, once could use Lazarus as the IDE, convert it to support VB6 syntax, use it's visual builder, and transcompile to Freebasic. This example is shown in the following animation..

Please note that using Lazarus as described above is only provided as an example and may be the subject of a future project and will of course subject to change.

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