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Guarantee of Policy


Our Guaranteed Policy of Commercial Fidelity:

Our publicly stated policy (summarised earlier ) is to support your valued investment in our products regarding ongoing learning, career and experience by giving you assurances that we will never knowingly subject you, our customer, to "predatory vendor lock in" in that we will never deliberately deny you access to your own experience-base by either obsoleting your skills, or removing our software product from the market and using copyright to prevent you accessing your own skills without an adequate upgrade path. Our guarantee of this policy is as follows..

Alum6 T4 IDE, herein known as "the T4 software" or "our software", written by QSL(See footer) as "the developers" will be sold by user license mostly under proprietary copyright and partly under GPL or LGPL(*). Our service and software carries the following legally bound Guaranteed Policy as follows .

  • You will not be restrained by any of our clauses as to what you can do with the product you create with the T4 software. The software you create as the product of the use of the T4 software and the associated packages does not have to comply with any of the GPL rules, but if you bind in other LGPL libraries, such as the LCL libraries, you should be aware that you need to release compiled object libraries (which you would do anyway) in such a manner that were it necessary, those with LGPL libraries can still uncouple their libraries, modify them, and then link back into your libraries. You don't have to expose your source code or relinquish any rights you have in your object libraries.

  • If the developers obsolete or stagnate the project for over 3 years, the project may be Open Sourced by those holding copies under commercial privilege (nondisclosure agreements etc), to be released under the GPL and/or LGPL licenses as appropriate.

  • If the owners / developers / assigns change direction and can either no longer guarantee or abandon a reasonably High Level of backward compatibility in terms of compiling old code,


  • the project as it stood prior will be Open Sourced (as it stood meaning at the point where the development branch occurred). This guarantee does not extend to third-party dependencies such as GTK, GNU C.


  • the holding company / owners / developers / assigns will refund Ten Times (10x) the amount you verifiably paid for your license(s), code and tools, to include buyers of source code. Thus, should a buy out occur, either the new owners / developers / assigns will either have to specifically show contractual awareness and compliance to these guarantees, or they will have to buy you out!

  • In the event that the evolution of the targeted deployment platforms (Windows and Debian Wheezy at lowest funding goals, other targets as stated in goals) renders the product unusable on the evolved platform for more than 12 months, the project Source Code will be released on license to License Holders but remain the property of QSL.

  • In the event the developers participate in activities that can be manifestly described as "predatory vendor lock in", where for example update prices increase beyond the original price after inflation, the project can be Open Sourced by those guardians of the source code.

This guarantee is given on the grounds of "reasonable interpretation" of target platform evolution.For example, this would not include obsolescence or introduction of upgrades that obstructed backward compatibility. As a guide, a complete revamp of a target platform such as Win 7 to Win 8 (with no desktop) would be considered grounds to nullify this guarantee, albeit the introduction of Windows 8.1 (with the reinstatement of a desktop) would have been considered grounds to reinstate the guarantee. As yet, only full Intel Windows versions are targetted (not ARM versions of Windows, nor Windows CE).

This policy guarantee (subject to legal clarification) will be published with each release and underwritten by Queensgate Systems Ltd UK (QSL), founded 1991, or it's assigns and successors.

Above use of the word assigns (in this section) to mean "assigns and successors".

This guarantee is strictly limited to the measures and consequences we publicly surrender ourselves to as outlined above on this page. All disclaimers made on this website are not affected.

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