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Why commercial?:

  • We believe the interests of longevity and growth in the product are best served by having a clear funding model.

  • It protects you from having an obligation to share your source code and software. Albeit under LGPL there are similar freedoms, this ensures you have that freedom.

  • Commercial makes it easier to make our Software formally Copyright and thus helps protect you by preventing Patent Trolling and similar that might again invade not only ours, but also your rights to your own software concepts.

Defensive Publishing to protect Innovations:

For software and syntax innovations contributed by QSL , we make the following statement of Prior Art...

  • By disclosing an enabling description of our innovations herein (in this website), we (QSL and it's assigns) declare our innovations to have entered the public domain and to have become "prior art".

  • Specifically this means new software concepts created by QSL including new syntax elements and concepts (that did not pre-exist) are hereby declared "prior art" which means that in our opinion, you can use these elements and concepts freely, and that no one can hereinafter patent or copyright these concepts in a manner that might prevent, block, inhibit use of these innovations and your skills and expertise gained in learning these innovations

Please note that under European Law, Syntax can not be copyrighted and Software can not be patented save for some very narrow exceptions, for example where software is a specific part of another invention. References to this are too numerous to list. Please note that the UK is part of the EU at time of writing (Feb 2017) and is expected to adopt the same principles in any resulting treaty from withdrawal from the EU.

Please see our terms (footer) for more information about Prior Art and Defensive Publishing.

Overview, Terms and Conditions of Sale:

Our Software (defined next) is sold as a transferable single personal user commercial-license basis. Our Software is defined as the proprietary components offered by QSL (as next) that are made available as described on the website. Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights in Our Software and Our Documentation is retained by Queensgate Systems Ltd UK (QSL) as page footer. All rights are reserved especially as in the following notable cases: Windows (abbrev Win) refers to Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. VB6 refers to a discontinued development package provided by Microsoft Corporation. Mac and iOS refers to Apple Corporation operating systems. All rights in Microsoft owned registered trademarks are reserved by Microsoft Corporation, America, and so on for all other rights by all other owners. Prices shown are subject to variation. No liability for direct or consequential damages is given by the sale of the software beyond refund of the applicable components. If the law in your state or country does not permit this disclaimer in it's fullest possible meaning, your licence to use the software is void and you are welcome to apply for a refund.

A full statement of our terms and conditions of sale are included in the footer of this page.

Freedoms and restrictions are given as a part of these terms and conditions of sale next:

Your Freedoms & Restrictions:

Informally as a broad summary, without prejudice and without liability, and subject to the above and below expanded extensions, you can write whatever software product you wish with Our Software, and profit from that product without restriction or obligation to share your source code -- excepting that there are a couple of minor caveats as you will see below.

Your Product, as in the product of your use of Our Software ("Your Product" meaning the application or other you create with it) is not governed by our Copyright or Commercial-Licence, except where you have obtained a free licence for evaluation and personal, non-commercial use. In other words, as far as we (QSL) are concerned, if you have obtained a normal commercial-licenceR_E_F, you are free to copy and profit from your product of our software to any extent provided you comply with the licenses set out by the other packages (specifically, but not limited to, Lazarus & FreeBasic) that you use in combination with our software, particularly their use of GPL/LGPL.

A description or GPL/LGPL(*) is beyond the scope of the license description here, but we provide an informal, extremely brief opinion, without prejudice and without liability, as follows: GPL# is usually applied to the freely distributed source code that is available with open source tools, including some of the tools we have suggested for use with our software. GPL requires among other things that, if you were to modify their tools and then redistribute them, you always show the GPL licence and redistribute your modified source code with any modifications you make to their software. This does not apply to Your Product. On the other hand, LGPL# and generally applies to libraries (where they are marked LGPL) that are linked or compiled into Your Product. It means that if you do not modify their libraries, but only link to them (statically or dynamically), you do not have to carry forward the LGPL obligations for your product, nor do you have to dilute your ownership or share your source code. However, it should be noted that some variants of LGPL gives the originators of those libraries the right to modify their code even after you have embedded their libraries, and it gives them the right to expect your cooperation by releasing your object libraries (which can be compiled to object files to safeguard commercially sensitive source code) so that they can recompile your product with their modified libraries. This should also give you and your customers an assurance that should you become unable to adapt your product (for example, to an operating system change), your product can be adapted by others. Almost all of the libraries within the tools that we have suggested to you are LGPL, but a few are GPL or otherwise and it is up to you to research and check which.

In respect of the Copyright we retain, you may not copy, reverse engineer or otherwise include Our Software which is Copyright & Proprietary in your distributions without permission. (However, if you can manifestly prove you have rewritten the software without referring to Our Software technologies and methods, you are free to make software products that are functionally similar to Our Software -- so if you want to make a competitive language, feel free! However, you may wish to study the LGPL derivative works clauses which may apply to some of the LGPL libraries from the tools we suggest).

Copy Protection:

We do not use physical copy protection, and as the licence is a user licence, not a computer copy licence, you are free to copy and back up your application as convenient where it is solely for your use. (We recompile each distribution of Alum VBC with a unique serial number embedded so that we can check on unlawful copying).

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