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  • Navigation: To begin reading at the start, click the topmost topic in the Map List at Left marked "(home)" or Click a topic in the Map List that suits. To go to the next page, just scroll down as you read and when you are at the bottom of each passage (webpage), you will find a "Next Page" button on the bottom of each webpage.

  • About Bookmarking: To bookmark a passage, simply use your browser favourites feature.

  • About Footnotes: Footnotes, notes and citations/references appear in popout points within text, eg: # or (# *1 *2), inviting the user to hover their mouse over the hash for any comment or click the links *1 or *2 (where for example there are 2 web links) to navigate to the referenced material on the web. Cross references within this e-book show as (*) or (!). To preview any links (or ads) without losing your place, right-click them and choose "Open in New Window".

  • About PermaLinks: We've been asked why we have odd looking web links in the address bar with unusual numbers like the bolded part in: "" (as it appears above this page). First, this is not a tracking number or anything unusual. The reason is that we use a PermaLink*1 concept as standard. That odd looking number is a unique address for this page in case we later decide to rename the page. Thus, in the prior example, the words "Online_Book_Tips" can be changed to "Engelbert_Humperdinck" and the webpage will still be found, thus allowing older links to continue functioning.

  • About the Ads: If you really find the advertisements too distracting, you can hide them! Of course we want you to visit our sponsors as that very much helps us, and we do hope you will help us by looking at them occasionally, so please look at them before hiding! Workaround 1 -- Narrow your browser and use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom until the advertisement on the left is scrolled away. Tip -- Use the Next Page button on the bottom so you do not have to get back the contents list. Workaround 2 -- Click the little X at the bottom of the ad. Note that when you change page, you will have to re-hide the ad each time.

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